Today in the city Callaway 26.06.2017
Massive Coal Mine Closer To Reality As Beloved Reef Crumbles To Climate Change

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Toning It Hard: Writer/Director Tom Schnauz Dishes About Better Call Saul Episode 307.

Writer/director Tom Schnauz explains what the characters are thinking in a subtle episode 307 of Better Call Saul.

Christian Leaders Denounce GOP Congressman's Call To 'Hunt' And 'Kill' Suspected Islamic Radicals

Christian leaders and social justice advocates responded with sharp rebuke on Monday to a Republican congressman’s suggestion that people hunt and kill anyone they suspect could be a radicalized...

Kremlin: Russia's Putin, Turkey's Erdogan Call for Compromise in Qatar Row

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan, in a phone call on Monday, have called for a...

The U.S. Withdrawing From The Climate Deal Was A Wake-Up Call For Me, & That's Okay

I've been pretty conscious of climate change since taking Environmental Science in high school, and while I still am, some of my environmentally friendly habits have fallen off in the past few years....

Scott Pruitt Is As Insanely Wrong About Coal Jobs As He Is About Climate Change

Trump’s EPA Director: “We’ve had over 50,000 jobs since last quarter — coal jobs, mining jobs — created in this country.” Uh, no.

Extremely chill dad continues to mow lawn as tornado bears down on him

There is a good chance you have never been as chill in your entire life as this dad was while mowing his lawn in Alberta, Canada. That tornado looming in the background? No biggie. "I was keeping an e...

The secret, hidden pricetag on your cola bottle

The line at the convenience store is three people deep. Standing in front of me is a 40-something man with a bottle of cola and a newspaper. In front of him, a mother paying her utility bill accompani...

Coal Jobs Are Gone And Both The Right And Left Are Answerable

Getting out of the Paris accords won't being back coal jobs, or any other type. But politicians on both sides are more interested in marketing themselves than in solving real problems.

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